The BTS K-pop boyband is currently loved and rated highly as the best and most admired and popular male K-pop entertainment squad in the world at present. All the seven members of the squad have over the years done immensely well for themselves to win hearts of ARMY globally. Well, that’s what we love the most about them, don’t we? While all the seven members of the squad equally get a lot of love and affection from ARMY globally, one person who’s certainly been the hot favourite of ARMY when it comes to positive love and attention is none other than BTS member Jimin. Be it for his music sense or for his idea of fashion or his amazing dancing skills, Jimin is someone who always gets blessed with a lot of love and attention and for the right reasons. Jimin is extremely confident and charming as a personality and that’s why, innumerable girls all over the globe find him super attractive.

If you are a celebrity, it’s only natural that there would always be speculations about you. Well, for BTS member Jimin as well, things are certainly not different. All these things along with the fact that he’s an immensely likeable personality along with a humble soul is what makes him extremely special and loved among the ARMY. Well, hey folks, do you all agree with what we have to say? Brilliant and amazing, ain’t it for real?

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