Know more about BTS and their connection with GFriend

What’s The SECRET Connection Between BTS and GFriend?

If you are a lover of the K-Pop genre, you will have no inhibitions in your mind when it comes to admitting that the BTS boyband is currently the leading K-pop boyband in the entire world. Since K-Pop as a musical genre has found global relevance and recognition only in the last 2-3 years, there’s a lot of healthy competition between groups to come out with the best that they have.

While some groups have a fierce sense of competition between each other, some are extremely friendly and cordial. But what exactly is the scene between BTS and GFriend?

Well, as per reports in,
BTS and GFriend are said to be great friends off stage and one must note that GFriend is the only girlband to have started in a CF with BTS. Also, their comeback dates are close to each other and their concept does have things in common.

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