The BTS member Jimin is one of the most loved and admired K-pop sensations in the world of music and entertainment. All the seven members of the squad have achieved quite a lot in their career and well, no wonder, ARMY all over the globe shower them with endless and unconditional amount of love. While all the members are incredibly popular, one individual who’s always been ahead of others is none other than BTS member Jimin.

While ARMY all over the globe have been loving Jimin for all the good reasons, it was tough time for them to deal with the fact that he was depressed. Recently, Jimin opened up about depression and was quoted as saying on In a recent MV Sketch released by BangtanTV,

“Set Me Free Pt. 2 was created when I was feeling lost and depressed. I was determined to overcome those feelings and this song conveys those emotions,” said Jimin. The BTS star went on to share, “I think I wanted to express that emotion in the choreography as well. So the choreo turned out to be very intense like this but the people I’m working with are doing such a good job, I’m the only one I should be worried about.”

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