All the times Tony Kakkar blessed our Instagram feeds with his amazing outfits that gave us goals. Here are those six astonishing outfits that will give you instant fashion goals

6 Killer Outfits From Tony Kakkar’s Instagram

When it is Tony Kakkar on the playlist it gets hard to resist. You can’t help but get the desi ‘MJ’ out of you and make some moves. Not just the guy but also his songs are both hard to miss.

Talking about Tony Kakkar’s fashion he is truly a vogue. He could rock in basics as well as go all flowery and still be incredible. He has a great fashion sense and is an actual fashionista. He is someone to be looked up to when it comes to styling oneself (after looking at his outfits you can’t help but wish to raid his wardrobe). He surely goes out of line but still managing to stay out of fashion police radar.

Right now at IWMBuzz, it’s stalk o’clock and we are all ready to stalk and get the six best outfits for you from Tony Kakkar’s Instagram here are a few…
Did we convince you enough as to why Tony Kakkar is an amazing stylist?

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