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One name that has been at the tip of every fan’s tongue for quite some time now is Guru Randhawa. We’re here to let you know just why he stands out from the rest.

Guru Randhawa and his sensational hits

There have been several singers in the country who’ve tried to win our hearts over by adding their own twists to their songs. It is fair to say that not everyone succeeds. But one such name which has succeeded every time and only kept soaring higher since then is Guru Randhawa. The singer was loved ever since we first heard his voice and has only kept gaining more love and support from fans across the country since then. He stands out from the rest to us mainly due to his unique and melodious voice.

What makes the star so unique is the twist he adds that reflects a huge part of him in the song. The singer makes sure to let everyone know what a proud Punjabi he is by adding his Punjabi twists to tracks. And we fall for it every single time as it only makes his tunes more catchy and easy to jam to. Some great examples of this would be his songs like Slowly Slowly, High Rated Gabru and Made In India. The singer also took a step into the international music world by collaborating with Pitbull to make a Spanish hit which gained him love from across the globe too. The singer has also set records by singing to a crowd of 1.25 lakh in Rajasthan. This was the highest number of audience recorded at a concert in India.

We hope to see Guru continuing to achieve his goals in future too. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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