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Some good songs in Armaan Malik's voice to make us refreshed

5 Armaan Malik’s Sad Songs That Will Make You Feel Better!

Armaan Malik brought a wave of change in the music industry. His fresh voice that was different from the other artists made him more irresistible. He made his debut not as a singer but as an actor. But before that, he was a contestant at a television show.

Armaan Malik’s fans call themselves Armaanians. His voice is a combination of sexy and subtle. He is a massive inspiration for the youth, and they mostly love his tracks. A guy to have a huge fan base across the globe.

A voice that is not just melodious but also can link to the masses is what makes Armaan Malik more successful, and his versatility has no measures. Indeed he is a remarkable singer. Here are some refreshing records by Armaan Malik one must have on their playlist.

Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar

Bol Do Na Zara

Kuch To Hai


Pehla Pyaar

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