Check out these amazing songs by Taylor Swift from the 00s days that are unforgettable!

5 Taylor Swift’s 00s Songs You’ll Never Forget

Taylor Swift, the famous pop and country singer has emerged in the Hollywood music industry over the past two decades. She made her first appearance in 2006 when she made her debut with her self-named debut studio album, ‘Taylor Swift’ (2006). Since then, she got huge recognition and started gaining followers. Taylor Swift gradually emerged and became one of the best music artists in the Hollywood music industry. She is currently having 10 Grammy Awards and many other prestigious awards too. Now, Taylor has got bigger hits like ME! (2020), Blank Space (2014), Look What You Made Me Do (2017), The Man (2020), and many more. She has made many speechless with her amazing and powerful voice.

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Taylor Swift has got a number of great songs from the 00s days too. She has earned a massive response during those days. Taylor’s 00s songs are still remembered and listed by many. One can easily get nostalgic by listening to her old songs. It is really difficult to forget her biggest hits from the 00s. There are some songs that are surely going to make you nostalgic. Those songs are really hard to forget.

Here we have got the top 5 songs by Taylor Swift from the 00s days that are truly unforgettable. Add them to your playlist right now to hit nostalgia, and happy listening!

1. You Belong To Me (2008)

2. Love Story (2008)

3. Teardrops on My Guitar (2007)

4. Our Songs (2006)

5. Back to December (2010)

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