Check out who among Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga have got the biggest fan following!

Ariana Grande VS Lady Gaga: Who Has The Biggest Fan Following?

Recently, the two beautiful Hollywood singers, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga dropped their brand-new song, ‘Rain On Me’ together on May 22, from Gaga’s new ‘Chromatica’ (2020) album. Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga appeared in the same music video for the first-time ever. Both of them have performed well in the music video with their powerful dance moves, lyrics, and voice. The audience totally loved the song and the singers. But, when talking about Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga individually, they have entertained the fans single-handedly quite well. Thus, they are regarded as the top female music artists of Hollywood now.

Ariana Grande, the American pop singer has gained a lot of fans and followers with her songs. She has emerged rapidly in the industry over the past decade. Her debut album, Yours Truly (2013), got her a lot of love and recognition at the international platform. Ariana Grande has got a huge fan base. She has 75.2 million followers on Twitter, whereas she has 192 million followers on Instagram.

On the contrary, Lady Gaga, another American singer and songwriter is truly a versatile singer. She is well known for her songs and also for her fashion statements. From Poker Face (2008) to Stupid Love (2020), she has made all her songs a big hit. Gaga is hugely admired by her fans over the ages. Fans do love listening to Lady Gaga. She has 81.6 million followers on Twitter and 42.7 million on Instagram.

Who do you think has got the biggest fan following? Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga?

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