Vote for the next popular heart-stealing sensation of the industry. Armaan Malik or Darshan Raval

Armaan Malik Or Darshan Raval: Who’s The Next Bollywood Music Sensation?

Armaan Malik is the sweetheart of the music industry. His voice is so good that it would give you real thrills listening to him sing. His voice is ideally grooved, and thus suits the hearts of his fans. He is a trained classical singer and has made an enormous contribution to the music industry. He has the hearts of his fans.

Some of Armaan Malik’s famous songs include Buttabomma, Sau Asmaan, and many more, which have undoubtedly made him the next sensation of the industry.

Darshan Raval is the one who is currently taking over the charts with his hit tracks. He is the heartthrob of the industry for his charms and vocals, to have conquered all our hearts. Several of his records have become a significant blockbuster hit. So here are some of the best tracks that were and received more than a hundred of millions of views, making him the best sensation in the music industry. Chogada, Kamariya, Dil Mera Blast, Hawal Banke, and many more.

Who do you think is the next perfect sensation of the music industry? Armaan Malik or Darshan Raval. Vote Now.

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