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Some jaw-dropping car collection that Armaan Malik has

Armaan Malik’s Impressive Car Collection!

Armaan Malik has a fascination with sexy beast cars. And he has a handful of those expensive beauties. He has kept his interest limited for music but spread it wide and is a massive fan of cars. He is a very well-known singer who has sung some great songs giving us the best playlist options. Let’s not talk about his professional life and get into his love for cars and what he has in his incredible collection.

Armaan Malik has some of the shiniest lavish-looking cars. And when we call them sexy beauties, well, we mean it. If you look at his Ferrari 458 Italia that costs a sum of 4cr, its beauty will blow your mind.

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Another few more cars that top his collection include BMW 320D M Sport, which costs 47.3 lakhs, Mercedes GLC 220d worth 56.15 lakh, and Audi A5 60.39 lakh. Looking at his small group of cars, indeed, we know that he has an undying love for cars and is super crazy for them.

The most Expensive Car from Armaan Malik's Collection will Surprise You 2The most Expensive Car from Armaan Malik's Collection will Surprise You 1

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Take a look at these pictures where we see Armaan Malik is flaunting his beauties.

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