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A playlist for you to enjoy while working from home

These Armaan Malik’s Songs To Listen To When You Are Working

To all the workaholics as well as the ones who don’t enjoy much of working but have to, we got your back. People have started working from home as there is no other alternative left in this pandemic. Times of working have changed though the time wasted in traveling is saved and there is no longer late train excuse that could be used. Working from home has become relaxed yet hectic. Maybe working hours have increased as well as there is no more extended flexibility in the time of work. You get a call from your boss anytime, and the work has to be done. Stressful, ain’t it?

Music has been suggested to be the best therapy. The right music can help you concentrate and improve your working speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. Though you can’t control your boss, you surely can listen to some good tracks and keep the stress at bay.

But there’s another catch! Working from home means there is a lot of distraction involved from the loud television noise, kids yelling to sound from the kitchen. And it gets bothersome so some calm music can also help you cut all the noise happening giving you a better concentration.

To be productive, you need some prolific music that enhances one’s mood. So why not block everything out and have some work done by listening to Armaan Malik sing for us?

Here are some of the best Armaan Malik’s tracks that would help you work from home.

Butta Bomma

Bol Do Na Zara

Main Rahoon Ya Na

Jab Tak

Sab Tera

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