Check out and vote for the highest fan following amongst Atif Aslam and Armaan Malik

Atif Aslam vs Armaan Malik: Which Singer Has More Female Following?

The one to have no competition when it comes to voice belting is Atif Aslam. He is the chart-topping and a substantial successful singer. From singing numerous songs like Pehli Nazar, Doori, Main Rang Sharbaton Ka, and many more, he indeed has won hearts. Atif Aslam has a vast number of fans following on various social media platforms. Ladies are crazy for him. His poetic and soulful voice has undoubtedly brought several female fans going mad about him.

Another one to have made all the ladies go crazy is Armaan Malik. The handsome boy with a charming smile and a voice to die for is undoubtedly a chic magnet. His hit songs like Buttabomma, Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon, and a number of other soulful music has made the ladies go mad. They even call themselves Armaanians, and he has a massive fanbase on numerous social media platforms. As well as wherever he goes, there is a crowd around Armaan.

Who, according to you, is a ladies man and has managed to have more women going frenzy for such great vocals? Atif Aslam or Armaan Malik. Vote Now.

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