Here is some instant cheering up with some memes on Virat Kohli and Arijit Singh

Awesome Memes On Virat Kohli And Arijit Singh

Memes have always worked a perfect getaway for a while. Scrolling through memes can make you happy and cheerful but also pass a majority of the time, making you feel it’s been only minutes. And in times like these, all the surroundings seem depressed; surely, memes have turned into solid mood boosters. And so here are the funniest and trending memes on Virat Kohli and Arijit Singh that went viral on Twitter.

Recently, Virat Kohli posted on Twitter a picture alongside Arijit Singh with a caption “Pure fanboy moment for me. What an amazing person he is. No one has captivated me with their voice like this man. God bless you, Arijit.”
We are all aware that nothing goes out of sight or is missed by the meme-makers. One post, and it takes minutes before all the funny memes start to pop up. And when it is Virat Kohli, things are bound to happen just like that. Earlier, it happened when he posted a picture along with the great Khali. And now it was with Arijit Singh that caught the eye.

Anything and everything that Virat Kohli has posted on social media has turned into a meme material. And so after the post, all the meme-makers got to work and made hilarious references like “when aggression meets depression,” “rona-dhona,” “gaana-bajana,” and many more.

Below are the top hilarious memes on Arijit Singh and Virat Kohli that will make you laugh out loud.

Awesome Memes On Virat Kohli And Arijit Singh

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