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Even these songs by Tony Kakkar couldn’t help but take a comical turn. Here are best memes of Tony Kakkar’s songs

Best of Tony Kakkar’s Songs Memes

Tony Kakkar and his mood-setting voice is something that has to be on everyone’s playlist. He is an incredible voice of today’s times. He is not just a composer and singer but also pens down his own lyrics sometimes. Isn’t that amazing?

Well, there have been times when the lyrics made no sense yet the song was hit. And maybe a reason for it to be turned into a hard to miss meme?

Something funny or weird that happens can’t escape the meme trend. Be it celebrity couture or some comment they might have said. It’s just ample seconds for that to become a trending meme.

And this time we have a few songs by Tony Kakkar that couldn’t escape the meme trend too. Here are a few chortle worthy song memes that are too comical to let go of.

Coca Cola song


Best of Tony Kakkar's Songs Memes

Kanta Bai


Best of Tony Kakkar's Songs Memes 1
Bijli Ki Taar


Best of Tony Kakkar's Songs Memes 3
Dheeme Dheeme


Best of Tony Kakkar's Songs Memes 4

Memes can do wonders. Some too good to be missed Tony Kakkar song memes giving each song much lighter comical turn.

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