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BTS Members And Their Lavish Lifestyle

BTS, a South Korean boy band also known as Bangtan Boys, is composed of seven members which was structured in the year 2010. They are the leading K-pop boyband in the world at the moment, and why not?

The teamwork shown and displayed over the years by the likes of Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Suga, and others is truly admirable, and the biggest reason they are so successful today is because of their unity.

BTS was founded by a company called Big Hit Entertainment. However, in 2007, Big Hit faced bankruptcy. CEO Bang Si-hyuk managed to keep the company afloat with the success of previous K-pop groups under his management.

Since BTS struggled with gaining media exposure in South Korea, they took an unconventional approach to marketing by connecting with their fans through social media. They gradually built a loyal fan base known as the ARMY.

According to media reports, Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook, and Suga have invested in luxurious apartments in Seoul. Jin reportedly spent $1.7 million on his apartment at Hannam the Hill.

J-Hope purchased his unit for a reported $1.6 million in 2016, while Jungkook reportedly spent $1.74 million when he bought his apartment in late 2018 at Seoul Forest Trimage, one of the most luxurious apartments in Seoul.

Suga also bought an apartment for $3 million in the Hannam district around the end of 2018.

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