Check out these top 5 K-pop songs like BTS's Dynamite, Selena Gomez And Blackpink's Ice Cream, and many more, that were a big hit in this lockdown!

BTS’s Dynamite, Selena Gomez And Blackpink’s Ice Cream: Top 5 K-Pop Hits In LOCKDOWN

The K-pop music industry has been doing wonders over the past few years. Some of them have also received global recognition like BTS and Blackpink. They have also collaborated with several Hollywood singers too. They are the two leading faces of the K-pop music industry, all across the globe. Both the bands have released some big hits.

BTS, the renowned boy band, released their new song named ‘Dynamite’ (2020), and it has been breaking records on YouTube with over 418 million views in a month. The K-pop girl squad, Blackpink recently dropped their collaboration with Selena Gomez, the American Hollywood singer, and released ‘Ice cream’ (2020) on August 28, 2020. The song has been enjoyed by many and has got over 295 million views on YouTube. Apart from them, there have been other K-pop bands and music artists as well who made their songs a big hit, not only in Korea but all over the globe. Some of them have also released some amazing musical tracks in this lockdown, alike BTS and Blackpink.

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Here we have got some brilliant top 5 K-pop hit songs for you that were released in this lockdown. Listen to them out and you will surely love listening to these great K-pop songs!

1: Dynamite – BTS (August 2020)

2: How You Like That – Blackpink (June 2020)

3: Ice Cream – Blackpink with Selena Gomez (August 2020)

4: NUNU NANA – Jessi (July 2020)

5: Not Shy – ITZY (August 2020)

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