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To all the BTS's fans who are crazy for Suga. Here are his relationship details revealed

Is BTS’s Suga Single?

The current globally famous band BTS who are at the most unattainable fame and the peak of their career, have gathered millions of fans. Though Jungkook is the one who is a more popular and most loved member of the band, having major fans following, there is another one who also has, in his adorable ways, won the hearts of every girl in town. And well, that is no other than Suga, aka Min Yoon-gi.

Suga is also the most vital asset of the band as he is the one who has written many songs for the group. He is the leading rapper as well as a lyricist. Jungkook and Suga make a perfect pair as Suga writes, and Jungkook breathes life into those words making the song a significant hit. But besides Suga’s professional life, there is another juicy detail every fan is waiting to know. And that is if he has any girlfriend.

Is BTS's Suga Single? 1

Suga was rumored to have been dating K-pop soloist Suran back in 2017. But later, the Big Entertainment confirmed that those were mere speculation and were not true. So, Suga is not dating anyone, so all the ladies crazy for Suga can certainly shoot their shot.

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