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Tony Kakkar has sung amazing songs. He is the next big thing in the industry

Coca Cola Vs Coca Cola Tu: Which Is Best Tony Kakkar’s Coke Song?

Tony Kakkar has become like a savior for every party. His songs are to die for. He is one of the most successful composers as well as a very well-known singer loved by many.

Coca Cola which was sung by Tony Kakkar for the movie Lukka Chuppi. He sang the song as a duet with his sister Neha Kakkar. And the coca-cola move was very popular amongst the masses. The song made everyone get on the dance-floor. A fun party song.

Coca Cola Tu is another single by Tony Kakkar and the lyrics are quite similar to the previous one. This song is not something that will make everyone dance but a song to be played as a chilled song. Just sitting and having leisure time.

Amongst the two Coca Cola and Coca Cola Tu, tell us which Tony Kakkar song is your favorite?

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