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Who is the most fan-favorite among Darshan Raval and Armaan Malik?

Darshan Raval Vs Armaan Malik: Who Has Biggest Fan Following?

Darshan Raval has our hearts with his incredible love tracks. His heavenly voice has 4.8 million followers on Instagram. If you ever wish for some travel inspiration, then Darshan’s Instagram page is the perfect place you need to be searching. Also, he keeps his feeds refreshed with a few TikTok videos. He has also shared a lot of fashion inspo as well as a few of his concert videos. Also, some fun meets and greets a few of his fans. His Instagram feeds are just as lively as Darshan Raval.

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Armaan Malik has a huge fan following. His fans call themselves as Armaanians. On Instagram, he has an enormous fan following of 8.6 million followers. He uses the medium to interact with his admirers. As well as he always keeps his fan notified if he is dropping any new track or what are his upcoming projects and plans. Also, there are substantial fashion goals one can look up to.

Not just virtually but in real life who according to you, has the most number of admirers? Darshan Raval or Armaan Malik.

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