Darshan Raval or Armaan Malik, who gave us the perfect ethnic vibe?

Darshan Raval vs Armaan Malik: Who Slays Best In Traditional?

Darshan Raval is the heart of the music industry, a new beginning of the music industry. A voice that will make you short for words as it is impossible to express his fantastic contribution. A voice that is mesmerizing and magical will make you feel awe. With a lot of hard work and enormous trust in oneself, he got into the music industry. Today you don’t need a godfather to establish your career in the industry. All you need is talent and ready to give your hundred percent no matter what.

Darshan Raval has also been an inspiring figure when it comes to fashion. His traditional looks will get you gawking at his hotness.

Armaan Malik has made a place in our hearts with his fantastic voice and mesmerizing personality. He is the new crush of every girl in the music industry. His melodious voice and sexy looks have held us all captivated by his mesmerizing persona. Armaan Malik made a huge mark with his track, Bol Do Na Zara, that will instantly melt anyone’s heart.

Fashion is always on point when it comes to Armaan Malik. His looks in ethnic are perfect for every festive season. If you need some inspiration, then he is the ideal to look up to.

Darshan Raval or Armaan Malik, who is your fashion inspiration when looking for traditional fashion looks?

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