One always dreams of a fairytale love story. Falling in Love with the one and then everything getting just magical filled with glitter and sparkle. But things have changed, there is no more need of a prince to rescue his damsel in distress to fall in Love. Or you don’t need to send a pigeon with a letter to its leg to express your Love. A new love story requires advanced solutions.

How about swiping left and right or asking them to add you on Instagram or share contact. Get to talking and then fall in Love eventually? One can find a fling but finding true love is difficult in today’s times.

But after you have found your mate, what then? How will you impress them? Make your love fall in love with you. It is easy to dedicate a song to them and express your interest. But who is the perfect one whose tracks can transfer perfect emotions?

Guru Randhawa, in his Punjabi style, has sung some outstanding songs to express your one true Love. His tracks will make you believe to be the lucky couple. Not to miss Tony Kakkar who equally has sung some individual love tracks that will evoke gushy feels in your love interest. His songs have also similarly been popular and are perfect for every romantic date or time you be spending together.

Who is your preference when it comes to romantic track? Who would you chose and feel is a better singer? Guru Randhawa or Tony Kakkar.