Who would win the battle of voice between Guru Randhawa and Tony Kakkar

Guru Randhawa Vs Tony Kakkar: Which Singer Has The Best Voice?

Guru Randhawa is another hit machine in the industry with ‘bad boy’ vibes. Guru made a mashup with his Punjabi tadka to Bollywood masala and boom! We got some fantastic tracks to have them danced on at a party. He is a great singer, and some of his hits include Daru Wargi, Downtown, Ishq Tera, Ban Ja Rani, and many amazing more. His songs are full of energy and inevitably get the hidden dancer out of you and will make you dance like there is no tomorrow.

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Tony Kakkar, on the other hand, knows it well on how to bust a groove. He has been rocking the floor with his great upbeat songs that are hard to resist without getting the ‘Michael Jackson’ out of you. His song will surely spark the party maniac out of you. From being a small local singer to the big star, he has come a significant way towards success.

Whose songs do you like more and who is your favorite singer? Guru Randhawa or Tony Kakkar.

Vote your favorite now.

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