Who is best at singing Punjabi songs? Guru Randhawa or Tony Kakkar

Guru Randhawa Vs Tony Kakkar: Who Sings Better Punjabi Songs?

The one Punjabi hitmaker we know is Guru Randhawa. He is known to have had a famous collaboration with Pitbull and Jay Sean for a few of his tracks making them international hits. Why are his Bollywood music more chartbusters? Because of his unique mixing style of Punjabi masala to Bollywood music. And who doesn’t want to showcase their bhangra moves when it’s Punjabi song on the DJ? Guru has a unique style of letting people go loose and get on the dancefloor. And so he is the best when it comes to Punjabi hits.

Another star that is slowly shining is Tony Kakkar. He has also given a few great hits. He is not just a singer but writes the lyrics by himself. His first composition was Sawan Aaya Hai which was well-acclaimed. When it is a party, there has to be Tony Kakkar’s track. Why not show off some moves with his songs? There is no match to Tony Kakkar and his Punjabi music.

Whose tracks do you like better? Guru Randhawa or Tony Kakkar when it comes to Punjabi music.

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