The BTS member Jimin has made his solo debut! The time has finally arrived for us to discuss Jimin’s debut after waiting a long time to express these words. Jimin made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” after releasing the single “Like Crazy” off his solo album “FACE.” Jimmy Fallon and Jimin formed the ideal buddies, with Jimin also making his solo talk show debut in America.

Jimin On The Tonight Show

The BTS member was met with raucous applause that did not die down for quite some time as his supporters shouted their support for his solo debut. Jimin continued by elaborating on the significance of his debut album and the feelings that the epidemic brought back to him. In his music, he hopes that listeners might find solace and joy. The audience was pleased to see him enjoying himself, and he appeared satisfied that he had pulled off his statement.

Did Jimin Perform The Song For BTS?

As Jimmy Fallon questioned if he plays for his group’s other members after the songs are finished, the answer was that he does let them listen to the song after composing the words and adding the music. Jimin mentioned J-Hope, who he is frequently seen hanging out with, and SUGA, who he is scheduled to appear with on a future episode of “Suchwita,” to elaborate on how he stays in touch with the other BTS members.

Jimin’s Favourite Moniker

Since the septet initially appeared on his program, Jimin and Jimmy Fallon have long cherished their similar names, growing friends. The “Set Me Free Pt.2” singer quickly responded as “Jimmy Fallon” when the BTS member was asked which of the various nicknames he has received is his favorite, making the night talk show host laugh.

With the seven members’ solo debuts, the great grandeur of BTS’ music has acquired a new level of awe. Jimin is following in the footsteps of J-Hope, Jin, and RM in progressing toward solo success with the release of “FACE,” which will be followed by several promotions.

Source – Pinkvilla

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