Check Out! Lady Gaga's Top 10 Biggest Hits Worldwide

Lady Gaga’s Top 10 Biggest Hits Worldwide

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the American singer and the songwriter is also known as Lady Gaga popularly. She has won the hearts of many of her fans with her songs. She is one of the best music selling and highest-paid artists of Hollywood. She has got a lot of her albums hit. Her old songs are still played and heard even today.

Here are the top 10 massive hit singles by Lady Gaga worldwide. Happy listening!

  1. Poker Face (2008).
  2. Stupid Love (2020).
  3. Shallow (2010).
  4. Paparazzi (2008).
  5. Born This Way (2011).
  6. I’ll Never Love Again (2018).
  7. Million Reasons (2016).
  8. Sexxx Dreams (2013).
  9. Americano (2011).
  10. Just Dance (2008).