Listen to these songs by Taylor Swift and re-live those 90’s days!

RE-Live Your 90’s With Taylor Swift’s Songs!

Taylor Swift is an American country and pop music artist. The 10 times Grammy Award winner has got a good set of songs. She has got one after other albums like You Belong to Me (2008) to The Man (2020), which were a big hit. Taylor has motivated many and inspired many with her songs. Her fans are just crazy about her songs. The lyrics of the song, really connect to the hearts of the fans, and thus they love her so much.

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The singer has grown in the Hollywood music industry rapidly. She has created brilliant songs, that are so relatable to the people of the new generation. But, some of her songs give us a 90s vibe too. Taylor Swift has got a good set of songs with retro sensation too. They have got the 90s touch sometimes, which might make you nostalgic. One can easily re-live those old gold days and the vibe through her songs.

Here we have got a list of songs by her. This is the list of songs that will give you the retro 90s feel. You can also relive those days through Taylor Swift’s songs. Listen to them now!

1.      ME! (2019)

2.      Shake It Off (2014)

3.      Love Story (2008)

4.      Blank Space (2014)

5.      I Knew You Were Trouble (2012)

6.      You Need To Calm Down (2019)

7.      Wildest Dreams (2014)

8.      We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (2012)

9.      You Belong To Me (2008)

10.   Delicate (2017)

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