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We all know Tony Kakkar has been the heartthrob of the industry. With his amazing songs, he has us all captured

Take this quiz to find out which of Tony Kakkar’s songs suits you

Tony Kakkar has always been our all-time favorite and has our hearts. He has given us many hits since his debut in the music industry. He is a star with millions of fanbase. He is the brother of Neha Kakkar and Sonu Kakkar. He is not just a singer but also a songwriter and composer.

Tony Kakkar has become a modern-day sensation. All his songs have been a hit and that’s what makes him a pretty good singer. Take the quiz and see which Tony Kakkar song fits you the best.

1. Believe in destiny that made you and your partner meet?

2. Like Coca Cola? You know what we talking about.

3. Ever wish to have a dheema dance on the dancefloor?

4. Ever had a girlfriend named kantabai?

5. Having a great time with your friends?

Were you able to relate and guess which song we were talking about? Tell us in the comments below

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