Tell us which song would be more popular and loved among the masses. Would it be Baarish or is it Goa Beach?

Do you think Tony Kakkar’s Baarish Song will be more popular than Goa Beach?

Tony Kakkar we all are well aware of the fact that he is an amazing singer but started his career as a composer. He learned to compose when he used to accompany his sister Neha Kakkar for her song recording. In his free time, he started composing music.

As well as besides composing, Tony Kakkar also pens his lyrics. His recent song Baarish was written and composed by him. The song was sung by his sister Sonu Kakkar and Nikhil D’Souza. The song is so beautiful and had amazing emotions in it. A song that will get you all teary-eyed. It is a beautifully sad song with many emotions in it.

Another popular song that made headlines was the Goa Beach song that was sung by Tony Kakkar himself with his sister Neha Kakkar shot at Goa Beach. The song is lively and fun. It will give you serious beach vibes asking you to take a mandatory vacation.

Goa Beach already got all the love and support from the audience. Now would Baarish get as much love as the earlier song got? Or would it be more popular than Goa Beach?

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