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Amazing singer Tony Kakkar's songs that you can go boogie-boogy to...

Tony Kakkar’ superb songs that you can dance to

Tony Kakkar surely knows it well on how to bust a groove. From being a small-town boy and singing bhajans at jagaratas, Tony has come a long way. Before becoming a singer, he learned how to compose and had released great songs like Sawan Aaya Hai.

Tony Kakkar later got into vocals and since then there’s no stopping for him. He has been rocking the floor with his high upbeat songs that are hard to resist without making a move.

So, here are a few of Tony Kakkar’s stunning songs that will make you go hip-hop on the dance floor

Aaja Meri Bike Pe,

Teri Kamar Pe,

Camray Waleya,

Flop Hip Hop,

Coca Cola,


These are the magnificent rock ‘n’ roll numbers where you can sway left and right like there’s no tomorrow.
Tell us your Tony Kakkar favorite that makes you go all Michael Jackson on the dance floor.

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