Tell us who pulled off the denim jacket look with ace? Tony Kakkar or Guru Randhawa

Tony Kakkar vs Guru Randhawa: Who Rocked In Denim Jacket?

Tony Kakkar surely knows it well on how to bust a groove. From being a small-town boy and singing bhajans at jagaratas, he has been rocking the floor with his high upbeat songs that are hard to resist without making a move.

Besides that let us talk about his fashion game. He has an incredible sense of styling and his wardrobe surely is goals. He rocks in his looks making even the most simple basic outfit looking straight outta vogue. He knows how to style a denim jacket that will make you go oh la la.

Guru Randhawa as we know is the Punjabi singer to let it off with an ace. He is the one to have collaborated with Pitbull for his hit Slowly Slowly and was top-rated for it. He is the one to stand out and make an impression. His unique style of mixing Punjabi masala to Bollywood music is what makes him more famous.

When it comes to styling oneself Guru Randhawa is the one to mostly go all suit up or bad boy vibe in a leather jacket. If you ever see him in a denim jacket you will get all those cool-dude vibes from him. He lays it off with fab. He is an A1 in dressing up and true eye candy. Guru is always dressed to impress.

Tell us which of the two were hotshot wearing denim jacket? Tony Kakkar or Guru Randhawa.

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