Tony Kakkar is a millionaire. Yeah! He’s got millions of views on his songs. Here are those Tony Kakkar and his mood-setting voice that has to be on everyone’s playlist.

These Tony Kakkar’s songs have got a million views! Can you guess them?

He is an incredible voice of today. From singing bhajans with two elder sisters at jagaratas as a kid to becoming the voice of this generation, truly Tony Kakkar has come a long way. Tony with his heart-stirring romantic songs to party numbers he has won the hearts of many. He is not just a composer and singer but also pens down his own lyrics sometimes. Isn’t that amazing?

Many of Tony Kakkar’s songs have got a million views and here are a few of those amazing ones you should be aware of.

1 Dheeme Dheeme

2 Coca Cola Tu

3 Yaari Hai

4Sawan Aaya Hai

5 Kanta Bai

I hope you had a good time listening to the amazing voice of this spectacular singer Tony Kakkar.

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