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Tony Kakkar with his mesmerizing voice has all our hearts. Here are a few of his most streamed songs for you to fall in love with

Tony Kakkar’s Most Streamed Songs for you to enjoy

Tony Kakkar has become an all-time favorite amongst the masses and since his debut, there have been numerous songs that were a super hit and addictive. Not just as a singer but also an amazing composer, he is a star with millions of fanbase as well as is the brother of Neha Kakkar and Sonu Kakkar.

Tony Kakkar has become a modern-day sensation. Here is a list of Tony Kakkar’s songs that are most streamed and will always have our hearts.

1. Coca Cola, 419 million views

2. Goa Beach, 33 million views

3. Dheeme Dheeme, 12 million views

4. Bijli Ki Taar, 102 million views

5. Yaari Hai, 118 million views

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