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Tony Kakkar has been giving us one big break after another. Here are the top 5 of his chartbusters that you might like

Tony Kakkar’s Top 5 Biggest Songs EVER

Tony Kakkar has perfectly synchronized his voice with our hearts. Energetic & Versatile are two words that would describe his works for us. A singer to have given us his mellifluous tracks. When we say music runs in Tony Kakkar’s blood, well that’s true. Being the brother of two well-known singers, Sonu Kakkar and Neha Kakkar, there’s no exception.

When talking about Tony Kakkar and his music, well he sure did leave us impressed. The amount of fame and glory that has come his way is truly remarkable. Here are perfect five Tony Kakkar songs that would give you the vibe.

1. Goa Beach

2. Humsafar

3. Mile Ho Tum

4. Dheeme Dheeme

5. Coca Cola

Tony Kakkar has great success coming his way. Be it a single or a duet, he surely keeps the show going. He is the darling of the music industry.

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