Armaan Malik, with his romance-filled voice, will give you the perfect love-filled vibe

Top 5 Armaan Malik’s Songs For The Perfect Romantic Getaway

Armaan Malik has a voice that gives you a perfect romantic escape from reality. A versatile voice always knew how to set the mood with his melodic vocal range. From singing in English, his two tracks were a significant hit. He also works with his brother Amaal Malik, and together they have produced some of the best soundtracks. Armaan has added an addicting melody to his voice, which is magical. Today he has millions of supporters calling themselves Armaanians. They admire and support him from the depths of their hearts.

A date or some time with oneself or dedicate a song to your crush Armaan Malik has given some of the perfect pieces to match the vibe. He is a blend of a perfectionist and an enchanting melody. A voice to get you moody and set up the best romantic surrounding for you. He has actual magic in his voice. Here are a few phenomenal hits that will prove the point and give you a perfect romance-filled getaway.

Bol Do Na Zara

Dil Meim Ho Tum

Tere Mere

Chale Aana

Pehla Pyaar

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