Armaan Malik had a concert during the lockdown. Here’s what you need to know

[IN VIDEO] Armaan Malik’s Live Concert from home in Lockdown

As we all are right now at the stay-at-home phase due to the Coronavirus outbreak one thing we could do to help and that would be stay at home. And all of us might have been religiously following those orders. Well, we do wake up to some motivation and hoping to get some good news right? Well, we might have had one. Not a major one in the but a teeny tiny one.

How about this you woke up and got the news that your favorite singer is having a concert? Excited. Well, hold down your horses because it was Armaan Malik who took to Instagram and went live with the trending tag that has been going around and many artists has been performing at home.

So all our favorite singers have been giving us some extra love and treating us with some live music usually for which we have to pay to go out for their concerts. Well isn’t it something we all would love just some brownie points for us. Sitting at home and free live music for us?

To entertain everyone, a TicTok sofa concert began under the #GharBaithoIndia campaign and we have Armaan Malik singing Control along with some of his other popular hits like Bol Do Na Zara alongside playing the guitar. How cool and amazing? Below is the video we have embedded in case you missed it.

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