There could be times when the lyrics make no sense but the song is loved by the masses. Here are a few of Tony Kakkar’s weird songs

Weird lyrics of Tony Kakkar songs that will amaze you

Tony Kakkar and his mood-setting voice is something that has to be on everyone’s playlist. He is an incredible voice of today’s times. From singing bhajans with two elder sisters at jagaratas as a kid to becoming the voice of this generation, truly Tony Kakkar has come a long way. He is not just a composer and singer but also pens down his lyrics sometimes. Isn’t that amazing?

Well, there have been times when the lyrics made no sense yet the song was hit. Here are few weird cringe-worthy songs of Tony Kakkar that make no sense at all. And you might have not noticed it till now so let us now point it out for you.

Have you heard Tony Kakkar’s song Coca Cola? Until now ‘beautiful’, ‘ gorgeous’, or ‘ sexy’ were the words used to make a lady go pink. But listen to this song by Tony Kakkar what made me cringe was its lyrics- “Thande ki botal main tera opner, Tujhe ghatt ghatt main pee lon”. I mean common what do you exactly want to say?

Another one of Tony Kakkar’s weird song is Kanta Bai. Yes you heard it right and let me tell you here he is not talking about some maid but that’s the name he’s given to his ‘girlfriend’. Isn’t that weird enough? And if you go any further exploring the lyrics as well as the song it’s as weird as the title suggests.

Trust me when I say this. If you ever listen to this song all you can listen is ‘dheeme dheeme’ yeah you guessed the song right it’s Dheeme Dheeme.

Which Tony Kakkar songs did you find were weirder and you would love to nominate those for “Sadela Song Award”. (just kidding)

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