The unbreakable bond between BTS and ARMY explained

What’s The Secret Connection Between BTS And ARMY?

BTS has always been known for expressing values and experiences through music. They have made an emotional connection with the people through music and continue doing so. And that is the reason why they have gained millions of admirers and fans all over the globe who they also refer to as ARMY. They are fans who share stories on how BTS has impacted their lives and do charity.

What's The Secret Connection Between BTS And ARMY? 1

BTS has always been focused on telling stories through the medium of music. Their song No More Dream is about personal experience and reflects on their personality. With the ARMY, the BTS boys represent their fans beyond music. They give the youth platform to share their fears, stories, and more. Millions of people have been highly influenced and are in awe with their such strong impact globally. The ARMY is strong and influenced by the group.

BTS helps their fans to grow and pursue their dreams with a motto Love Yourself, Love Myself. A story to be shared and inspired, aspired and voiced through music. ARMY uses the tag #AlwaysHappyWithBTS as a remembrance for every moment that has to be cherished and keep going no matter what.

What's The Secret Connection Between BTS And ARMY? 2

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