IWMBuzz story questioning IPL during COVID goes viral, check out the impact

IWMBuzz.com yesterday carried an opinion piece asking about the logic of continuing with IPL at a time when lives and livelihoods are being lost due to COVID 19.

Players, staffers, and management all are at risk, with men testing positive, bursting the bio bubble concept of IPL.

Not to mention the unnecessary use of medical staff to cater to an event that is inconsequential in the current scheme of things.

The article (read here: IWMBuzz) went viral with many senior media professionals echoing the sentiments and sharing on social media.

The write-up led to pertinent online and offline debate and discussions, with people genuinely concerned about the well-being and safety of all.

With more players testing positive today, the BCCI has finally decided to suspend the game.

Well, better late than never!!!

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