Multan cricket stadium in Pakistan is all set to host the second test match between England and Pakistan. England players are visiting and touring Pakistan after 17 years. At a one-kilometer vicinity from the stadium at a hotel of England teams, several gunshots were fired. The Sri Lankan cricket team boycotted several nations for more than ten years, and Pakistan also faced a negative reaction.

According to the report of the Hindustan Times, the gunshots were fired near the England cricket team’s hotel in Pakistan. Four people have been arrested by Cops for this incident. Gunshots were heard after the England cricket team left for training at Multan Stadium. It is very shocking to see this incident and hear the news of gunshots. The presidential level of security is given to England’s cricket team.

The training of the England cricket team was affected due to this incident. The England cricket team captain Benstrokes said to a news agency AFP, “Having someone of this caliber and what he brings, the way in which he bowls, is going to be massive for us. He is going to add to our ability to take 20 wickets.” The England team will meet for the second test match on Friday at Multan Stadium.

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