IPL has been dominating the cricket sports for many years and has been one of the highest-grossing cricket leagues, we have got some of the best finishers in the IPL who finish every match in style. Batting during the demise overs is perhaps the most tedious job to dominate in the sport of cricket as there are different things the batsman needs to consider. While it might look like there is certainly not a ton of reasoning required and that the batsman can simply swing his bat, it isn’t the situation. Batsmen need to consider the bowlers they will be facing, the number of wickets left, the number of overs left, the elements of the ground, his batting accomplice’s capacity with the bat just as how rapidly he is in running between the wickets.

Take a look at these best finishers of the IPL!!!

1. Andre Russell

The Caribbean all-rounder has been one of the best bowler as well as batsmen, he has finished almost every match in the IPL, Andre Russell owns the highest strike rate in the IPL, he has played over 74 matches in which he has scored 1517, he has the highest score of 88 runs.

2. Kieron Pollard

Keiron Pollard has got the same likes as Andre Russell, Keiron has played 164 matches in which he has scored 3023 runs, getting him the strike rate of 149.87.

3. Hardik Pandya

Peaking at the top 5 in the highest rates, Hardik has been one of the best players, he has played over 80 matches.

4. MS Dhoni

The most experienced player in the IPL, he has played over 204 matches in which he has scored 4,632 runs with a strike rate of 136.