Hardik is totally focusing on his exercise and diet regimen now that he has resources at his disposal

Hardik Pandya’s Diet And Workout Plan

Even though he is one of India’s top cricketers, Hardik Pandya has not always had it easy. He struggled financially, and there was a point when he relied solely on Maggie to keep him alive. But happily, things improved dramatically. Hardik is totally focusing on his exercise and diet regimen now that he has resources at his disposal.

On his social media accounts, he has been posting different training videos. His preferred and essential exercises consist of

1.large-scale lifting

2. Exercise bench

3. Pushups and Pullups

4. Weighted crunches

His bowling speed has significantly increased as a result. His bowling speed has increased to 140 KM/hour from the earlier 130 KM/hour limit.

Diet Plan of Hardik Pandya

Since the beginning, he has exclusively eaten home-cooked meals. His focus turned to better eating selections though once he began to bulk up his body.

He upped his protein intake while still eating home-cooked meals and straightforward foods.

His breakfast choices are tea, coffee, green tea, coconut water, and fresh juices
Avocado, cornflakes, wheat flakes, pineapple, bananas, oranges, and choco pops with skim milk, Honey, jam, raisins, almonds, and other toppings, Sliced white, multigrain, and brown bread, reduced-fat cheese, Tuna with diced chicken, uncooked eggs, tomato, cucumber, onion, and lettuce slices

His lunch includes Vegetable, sweet corn, and tomato soup, Naan, roti, and bread rolls, Salads of sliced vegetables with lemon wedges, green peppers, and beets, curd rice, steam rice, grilled chicken, chicken Manchurian, a variety of dals, seasonal produce such as bhindi, fat-free curd, Pickles and papad, yogurt, fruit salad, and coconut water.

Source: Times of India