Hardik Pandya is a very famous right-handed batsman, he is also a good batting all-rounder and with his amazing batting, he can amaze everyone. Hardik Pandya is also one of the key players of the Mumbai Indians team, Hardik played an important role in the Indian National Team as well. Hardik Pandya is a middle-order batsman but he is with his bat, there is no longer a need to worry. Hardik Pandya has been one of the coolest dads on the cricket team. Hardik Pandya has proved that even after being a father he can manage his fashion and keep their fans up to date with his amazing outfits.

We all know Hardik Pandya, he is one of the best fashion dressers on the team. Hardik Pandya is in love with the costly brands from Gucci to Armani Exchange. Taking a glance at his airport looks to hotel looks, Hardik Pandya’s ravishing looks can stun any cricket lover.

Pandya was nothing but a newbie when he rose to the stardom that he is in now, Hardik Pandya was a simple person with a pale taste in fashion. But years later after a lot of experience, he got a pretty good grip on his outfit selections and knows how to rock his every outfit. Hardik Pandya realizes which denim to rock and which not. Hardik Pandya has emerged as a great fashion icon.

Take a look at his amazing transformation!!!