Checkout when the biggest rivalries of the world cricket, India and Pakistan showed their sportsmanship spirit on the field!

When India And Pakistan’s Team Showed Sportsman Spirit

First and the foremost thing that an athlete should learn before playing the sport is sportsmanship. No matter if the opponent player or the team is the biggest rivalry, the sportsman spirit should be maintained. And this is applicable to cricket too. The history of international cricket has witnessed some biggest clashes between the player and the team ever, but at the same time, it has also seen some great sportsman spirits shown by the players and the teams. No matter how big the rivalry is, the sportsmanship should always be maintained. Sportsmanship is the positive and respectful gesture shown to the opponents. It also includes following the ethics of sports.

India and Pakistan are the biggest rivalry teams ever in world cricket. They have been also seen in many heated arguments and controversies too. It has always been a big day for all the Indian and Pakistani cricket fans whenever it was a match day for the teams against each other. But the players always followed their sportsman spirit on the field.

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Recently a couple of years back, Yuzvendra Chahal, the Indian spin bowler also showed off his sportsmanship during the Asia Cup 2018 match. Usman Khan, the Pakistani cricketer was on the filed then to bat. He was found struggling with his open solace on the field and could tie them by himself as he was wearing gloves. Yuzvendra approached him and tied off his shoelace.
One more is the incident when the biggest rivalries – Virender Sehwag and Shoaib Akhtar. It was the ODI series in Pakistan’s tour to India in 2007-08 when Shoaib fell on the ground, Sehwag extended his hands to pull him up. Another one was when Shahid Afridi went to check Virat while he was batting. While delivering the ball struck Virat’s back, and as a true sportsman Afridi went up to him, to check if he is fine or not. There have been many more instances in the cricket history.

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