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The two Mumbai Indian players are geared up for the season but who is the real reason behind Mumbai Indians' success?

Rohit Sharma vs Hardik Pandya: the Real Reason behind Mumbai Indians’ success

Rohit Sharma is the current captain of Mumbai Indians. He has led the team to victory numerous times. The talented batsman is also called as ‘Mr.Hitman’ has kept the team alive with his leadership. His flamboyant style of batting and unstoppable skills had led him to be a great asset to the team. Sharma smashes runs and plays smart. The cool-headed guy has always remained focused and made sure Mumbai Indians have always qualified.

Hardik Pandya, the rebel with a cause is a huge advantage to the team. He is an all-rounder who plays like a king. Pandya is often embroiled in some controversy and trolled often but he comes back stronger and better. Hardik is one of the most popular players, always trending on social media. His terrific form has always made the day. Mumbai Indians would be incomplete without him.

Mumbai Indians is the only team to have won IPL four times and with the strong line-up, they have been undefeatable. The team has two excellent players like Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya who play like beasts. The team would be incomplete without both of them and their magnificent skills. The two talented cricketers have been huge assets to the team. One cannot choose between both on who is the main reason behind Mumbai Indians’s success because both of them have led the team to victory and both are hyped to bring the trophy home time and again.


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