Sania Mirza took to her Instagram account to share how much she loves kids, and this is the person she is missing so much

Tennis player Sania Mirza is missing the beautiful time with her sister’s daughter Dua. Expressing herself, Sania shared gorgeous pictures with the cutie. These pictures will melt your heart instantly. Sania Mirza is a mother herself, and she loves playing with kids. Sania Mirza has a sister named Anam. Anam and her husband, Asad, welcomed Dua, their daughter, on 15 August 2022. This first kid changed the lives of the couple. The arrival of Dua in their life brought new happiness.

Sania Mirza, who loves kids, also shared an amazing and fun time with her sister’s daughter Dua. Today, missing her, the sportsperson shared adorable pictures with her. In the first picture, Sanja Mirza is holding Dua closely in her arms, and both ‘Masi and niece’ have a cheerful selfie. Sania Mirza squeezed her love and kissed her on the cheeks. While Dua was expressionless. But the way Sania took Dua shows how much she is fond of her.

In the next picture, the duo smiled and gave a perfect selfie. Sania shared the post with a beautiful caption, “Man do I miss squeezing her and our selfies every day. Bring her back @anammirzaaa.” While fans also loved the gorgeous niece of her sister. And many of the users commented on the post. A fan wrote, “Bahut hie cute hai.” The second said, “She looks like her mom.” “chubby chubby cheeky Masha Allah,” said the third in the comments. Dua’s mom and Sania’s sister dropped, “Awwwwwwwwwwww.” While one user assumed her to be Sania’s daughter.

Sania Mirza was recently in the news for her divorce, rumored on the internet. But later, it came out that the duo was working on their new show named The Mirza Malika Show. Sania Mirza is a very popular Tennis person. She has won many medals for India. Though she got married to a Pakistani man, she made India proud with her performances. Her hard work and dedication have paid her the success and fame she has today.

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