Check out Preity Zinta's cutest cheering moments for Kings XI Punjab

IPL 2020: Preity Zinta’s Cutest Cheering Moments For Kings XI Punjab That Will Make You Crush On Her

Preity Zinta’s Kings XI Punjab team are often regarded as the ‘lions’ of Punjab and given the way the team has made a roaring comeback in the tournament with consequtive wins one after the other to stay alive in the tournament, they truly have lived up to the image of lions.

Kings XI Punjab have had mixed seasons in IPL history so far but what has stayed true and constant for them is their owner Preity Zinta’s support for the side. Be it wins or losses, Preity has been with the team through thick and thin and today, we show you some of Preity’s most adorable moments cheering for the team which will make you have a crush on her. Take a look –