Who is the best finisher among these two talented all-rounder cricketers? Ben Stokes or Hardik Pandya

Ben Stokes vs Hardik Pandya: The Best Finisher

Ben Stokes is an English cricketer and currently serves as the vice-captain of the England Test team. He is renowned for his explosive all-round skills and infectious energy on the field. Ben is a highly passionate individual, and his aggressive personality ensures that there is never a dull moment when he is present. He is an attacking southpaw with a penchant for big hits while capable of playing a big inning. Ben Stokes performed consistently in the 2019 world cup and was awarded the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for Best Cricketer of the Year by ICC.

On the contrary, we have Hardik Pandya, the perfect all-rounder in the Indian Cricket Team. He can hit the ball with great force, has decent bowling skills, and is energetic on the field. Pandya can consistently hit sixes at ease with exquisite flair, timing, and power. Pandya is one of the most reliable middle-order batsmen when the opening order fails to perform. The ease with which he plays never displays any worry or nervousness about losing.
On the contrary, he is confident enough to win the game. He has a record five times hat-trick of sixes in international matches. If this isn’t a quality of a great finisher, then what is?

The chances of losing are almost nil when these two batsmen are chasing. Who do you think is the best finisher among them? It is extremely difficult to pick the best, so help us out.