Check out these 5 unknown facts about Rohit Sharma that you have never known before!

Bet You Didn’t Know These 5 Unknown Facts About Rohit Sharma

The Indian cricketer, and the vice-captain, Rohit Sharma, also known as ‘hitman’ is an amazing right-handed middle-order batsman. The player has also been opening some matches occasionally. He has also been seen bowling with his amazing off-break skills occasionally. Rohit Sharma has also been a part and captain of the Mumbai Indians (MI) in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He has gained a lot of love and support from his fans and has also done wonders on the field with his skills. Rohit Sharma is well known for on-field strategies and sheer power. His fans are just crazy about his amazing shots and performance on the field.

There are a lot of facts about Rohit Sharma that can be known to many of the fans. But there are some unknown facts as well that you might not know. Here we have got the 5 unknown and rare facts about Rohit Sharma that you need to know. Have a look at them!

1: Virender Sehwag is Rohit’s idol. In fact, he once bunked school just to meet his idol.

2: The player is fluently versing in the four languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu.

3: He is a vegetarian, but loves having eggs. He consumes them outside his house, as consumption of eggs, is not allowed inside his house, as per the traditions.

4: Rohit Sharma is a big fan of the football team named Manchester United.

5: The player initially started his career as an off-spinner.

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