Check out the best match winners from the Indian cricket squad - Hardik - Krunal VS Yusuf – Irfan!

Hardik – Krunal VS Yusuf – Irfan: The Best Match Winners For India

The Indian national cricket team has got a great set of players all over the years. From batsmen to bowlers, wicketkeepers and fielders – the Indian squad has got the best players. There are some great all-rounders too, who have excelled in every sphere of the sport. In the history of Indian cricket, there have been two brother duo who have represented the nation at the international level. Hardik Pandya – Krunal Pandya and Yusuf Pathan – Irfan Pathan are the two brother duos who have made their family, nation, and the team proud of them with their excellent performance on the field.

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The Pandya brothers – Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya are amazing all-rounder players who have mastered all the skills that are required. The brothers have been the massive game changers in every match. Be it bowling or batting, both Hardik and Krunal have showcased their skills to the world. They have also been seen playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for Mumbai Indians (MI) and set several records. Similarly, in the case of the international ICC tournaments, they have done a brilliant job there.

Whereas, the Pathan brothers – Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan have been no less than them. They have done wonders with their bowling skills on the field. They have helped the team win by giving some amazing deliveries on the field. The bowling skills were strong for both Yusuf and Irfan. They have also set many records like the Pandya brothers.

Both Hardik – Krunal and Yusuf – Irfan have got their own abilities. They have helped the Indian squad to reach the victory gate. But who is the best one? It’s really hard for us to decide. Why don’t you tell us? Drop your opinion in the comment section down below!

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