The best All-rounder the Indian Cricket Team has stumbled upon…

Hardik Pandya And His Unimaginable Contribution For Indian Cricket

Hardik Pandya gives the Indian cricket team the balance it desires. He is the perfect modern-day cricketer. He can strike the ball big, roll his arm over decently and is a livewire in the field. It is a combination of skills India has long waited for since the retirement of Kapil Dev. If there is one thing that separates Hardik Pandya from other young cricketers, it is his immense self-belief. The flamboyant Baroda all-rounder never lets pressure affect his game, but instead relishes such situations.

Pandya has the unique ability to consistently hit sixes at ease with exquisite flair, timing, and power. Even as a bowler, the 25-year old has also grown in leaps and bounds since his debut. Depending on the pitch and the conditions, Pandya is playing the role of the third seamer and the fifth bowler regularly for the team. Not to forget, he is one of the best fielders in the team. The all-around cricketing package of Hardik Pandya is too hard to ignore and his absence hurts India the most alongside Virat Kohli. He is playing the role of a finisher to perfection and has bailed the team out of danger with his cameos and aggressive stroke play quite often.

Hardik Pandya’s contribution as a batsman and bowler has been remarkable and we can’t wait to see him back on the field.

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